The Michigan Association of Transportation Systems (MASSTrans) is a non-profit coalition of public transportation systems from across Michigan. Formed in 1996 MASSTrans initially focused its efforts on funding and program reform. MASSTrans was concerned about the level, predictability and fairness of state funding, and sought to reform it to make it more efficient and responsive to the needs of Michigan citizens.

Though MASSTrans is still working on those issues, it has sought other ways to provide benefits to its members. To that end, MASSTrans began to provide training seminars for transit personnel, focusing on training for drivers, dispatchers and mechanics: the Front Line Employee Training Conference was the result. MASSTrans also is a sponsor and organizer of the Statewide Small Bus Roadeo in Michigan, as we see this as an important training opportunity for transit employees. MASSTrans will continue to advocate for public transportation in Michigan and provide ongoing training opportunities to transit systems. 

MASSTrans looks forward to other cooperative ventures with other organizations and transit systems and to better communication and networking among public transit providers across the State.

Our Mission

"To combine safe and effective transportation with the most effective use of resources in the provision of services to Michigan customers. Customers are defined as the citizens or any urban or rural area within the State of Michigan requiring transportation services; those human service organizations supporting such citizens; and the governmental organizations providing services to those citizens."

Our Vision

The premier Association in providing high quality advocacy and employee training to enhance Public Transit in communities across Michigan.

MASSTrans Purpose

1. To serve as an advocate for public transit.

2. To promote effective and efficient public transportation services.

3. To promote equitable and predictable funding for public transit providers in Michigan.

4. To promote cooperation and communication among transit providers.

5. To provide assistance and training for transit systems