About the Roadeo

The Michigan Small Bus Roadeo is an event to honor and celebrate the value of rural and community transit operators, the backbone of the Transportation industry. This exciting event draws drivers from around the State to compete for top scores on a course that tests skills on every level of the drivers’ abilities, with a primary focus on safe operations and passengers sensitivity. This year the roadeo was held at the Michigan State Police Test Track in Lansing on April 13, 2019. The results of the 2019 roadeo are below.

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Thank you to the Michigan State Police for letting us host this event at their training facility.


2019 Roadeo Results

This year, the first six placing participants will be eligible to compete in the CTAA Annual National Community Transportation Roadeo event. Three of the winners will be sent to Palm Springs, California on May 19, 2019 for the 33rd Annual Roadeo, and three will be sent to the 2020 roadeo. A roadeo competition was not held in 2018 which is why we are placing the top six winners this year.

Only the top six are listed on our website. MDOT sent a full scoring out early this week. Please check your email, or with your manager for the full results.


Palm Springs, CA (May 19, 2019)

1st - Roberta Keast (Gladwin)
3rd - Deanna Hughes (Gladwin)
5th - Dallas Abbott (Isabella)

Louisville, KY (2020)

2nd - Harold Smith (Gladwin)
4th - Barb Mosher (Roscommon)
6th - Douglas Ross (Huron)