MASSTrans Legislative Update

Legislative notes from our representative:

The Governor’s 45 cent gas tax proposal is gaining no traction at this time and she is now calling out the Legislature to come up with their own plan. We believe there will be a very slow response. The budget recommendations she has proposed is all wrapped around the road fix so we see it challenging to decouple the issues at the moment. Expect a long budget process, likely well into the summer unless something breaks.

With the retirement of Brooks Patterson as Oakland county Exec, you will get a Dem in office and we believe that person will be far more supportive of RTA so we need to be mindful.

Hopthru Mobile Presents at Board Meeting

At our February 11th board meeting held in Cadillac, MI we hosted Hopthru Mobile out of San Fransico to present to our members their mobile ticketing platform. Hopthru is a fare collection and validation platform designed to connect transit agencies on one system that can be accessed by riders across the country.

Michigan customers for Hopthru include BATA in Traverse City, and the Cadillac/Wexford Transit Authority who is currently in talks with Hopthru.

If you are interested in learning more about Hopthru you may visit them online at or you may download a copy of the presentation they gave to the board.